Internships play an important role in gaining experience in the selected industry. For students or recently graduated people, it gives insight into what to expect at the workplace. It’s also pretty common to be offered a position at the end of a successful internship. So, how can you impress recruiters in your internship interviews? What are the common internship interview questions?¬†How should you respond to these questions?

Most Common Internship Interview Questions

Once you are qualified for an internship interview, you can expect two types of questions from the recruiters. Make sure to familiarise yourself with these questions in advance. You might be asked the same questions or different variations of them. Even though you don’t, with practice you’ll learn to approach other questions. The first type of questions will be about you: Can you tell us about yourself? Can you tell us about a challenge you successfully dealt with? What are your strengths? What is your work experience? What kind of extracurricular activities are you interested in? Be prepared for these type of questions before the interview.

The second type of questions you can expect in internship interviews are the ones about the position or internship. Why did you apply for an internship at our company? Are you familiar with the work we do? Why do you want to work in this certain industry? Why should we consider hiring you as an intern? Answers given to these questions will help your interviewers understand your suitability and motivation. Some internship interview tips we can give you are providing convincing answers to these questions, telling them what you expect from the internship, and expanding on what skills you are willing to learn. Make sure to read the “about us” section on their website and learn about their history before the interview.

Be Prepared, Confident, and Motivated

Recruiters are looking for interns that would be their future colleagues. Keep this in mind when in an interview. Prepare your answer to these questions in advance. Practice with a friend. Be confident while giving answers to the questions. This confidence should show them you are aware of what you want from this internship. Finally, show them your motivation and dedication. These will set you apart in an internship interview.

Internship Interview Questions and Answers