CV Questions

Creating a winning CV or a CV that stands out of the rest is what most people go for while creating or editing them for a new job or even a promotion! As you look at interview tips & tricks to ace that interview, it is also very important to answer a few CV questions, since, after all, your CV is what get’s you onto that interview chair.

Is There A Perfect CV?

The perfect CV might not be as mythical or unachievable as you might think. Creating a CV that clearly conveys your skills, stands out, all while being under two pages is quite possible as long as you answer these important questions. First and foremost, your CV should answer the questions, who are you, and why are you fit for the job. Your potential employer would spend about 5 to 6 seconds reading it, meaning the answers to these two questions should be well written, authentic, placed at the top of the page and tailored for each one you send.

The next question is what are your main skills? Your CV should answer this question precisely to show that you’ve got what it takes for the position. List your skills in the form of bullet points to catch the attention of the employer as well as give them an easy time going through your skills set. A clear, detailed description of your experience will answer the question of practical experience. Here, you will need to provide details on job titles, company names, locations, and start/end dates, also while being clear and accurate to give the employer an easy time while going through your CV.

A Few More Steps

After giving the employer a clear description of all we’ve discussed above, other important CV questions include where you studied or trained. Be sure to list all your Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, and all relevant achievements. Finally, you can start being creative on your CV by describing your career growth, the languages you speak and your non-professional interests. Who knows, you might be the latest addition to your employer’s office football team.

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