2 Tips For Interview Success

Preparation is the first tip. Don’t expect to wing it; there is so much competition for jobs that you need to persuade the interviewer to pick you. Do some research about the job and the firm. Have some questions to ask, check their social media for current news. Being prepared also helps to settle those interview jitters that can take over and not allow you to show your best self.

How You Look Is Important

The second of our 2 tips for interview success is about how you present yourself. There is a considerable amount of advice around for what to or what not to wear. Our two pennyworth is to go for plain and simple. No extremes, no showing your creativity. Be comfortable, nothing worse than new shoes pinching while you try to concentrate on the interview! Both sexes beware of too much perfume or aftershave, it can be overwhelming if being interviewed in a confined or warm space.

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