First Job Interview Tips

Bagging your first job when you’re a bag of nerves, is easier said than done! In later posts, we’ll go through likely interview questions and answers. But, here are the absolute basics involved with getting your first job and paycheck. First of all, don’t be late! Make sure you have the time, date and address all drilled down. And, if the place you hope to be working is not on your bus route, do a dummy run.

Be Smart

That’s right, smart. NOT sassy. A job is the start of a professional new endeavour. Mini skirts are not how you get a job, they are how you get harassed in a job. Choose a smart trouser suit, not jeans, and make sure you have clean hair and nails. And make sure to carry a portfolio with at least two copies of your CV in. There are more interview tips in follow-up posts.